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Our Animal Wearable Animal Heat Detection System is designed to detect the onset of a cow’s heat cycle without being invasive. Designed by experts, this non-invasive IoT solution has a proven record of 90% accuracy in detecting the cow’s heat cycle. It provides an efficient and economic way for cattle farm management. It also helps to provide better animal health which leads to improved productivity and higher milk yield.

Animal Heat Detection System two different variants:
Cow Activity Monitoring Tag

A non-invasive radio frequency activity tag worn by cattle. It is kept in place with the help of a robust neck belt.

Receiver Unit

The Receiver Unit is a device that collects various data from the activity monitoring tag and delivers data to farmer's mobile as well as web portals.


  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of cattle
  • Insights for improving farmer's earnings with real-time oestrus and animal health monitoring Keeps track of activities, ruminations, etc.
  • Sending timely alerts to farmers via SMS or email about heat detection and general health