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The Smart Milk Collection solution helps farmers to keep a track of their daily milk collection. The software has been specifically developed to digitally monitor milk collection in dairy plants. This approach provides the most accurate measurement of milk that is collected and handled in bulk tanks. Also, the system produces real-time information about the quality and quantity of milk collected from your farm. AMCS enables transparency between dairy, milk collection centers and farmers.

Real-Time Data Management & Analytics

It contains various reports and actionable insights that enable proactive decisions to ensure profitability, quality of milk, and transparency. It provides an end to end visibility to all stakeholders, such as farmers, agents & distributors on systemic efficiency.

Improves Transparency

Milk collection software is built for the dairy farmer, aggregation and transportation companies & dairy processing plants for maintaining records of the purchase process. It captures data like fat and SNF in real-time, quantity and amount payable to the farmer. This solution will enhance your milk procurement processes from both the milk producer and milk collector points of view.

Cashless Payments

Automatic milk collection software helps in directly depositing the payment to the bank account of the farmer. It also increases farmers' loyalty towards milk societies by reducing their effort and increasing their profit.


  • This milk collection system captures the exact quantity, fat and SNF of milk in real-time and automatically calculates the payment of the farmer. It is built for medium to large scale milk cooperatives
  • This software for milk societies makes it easy for you to manage your daily operations. It assists in organizing, accounting, measuring and other general tasks as well as making sure your calculations for milk fat and SNF are accurate
  • Milk samples taken by auto sampling are usually accurate, so farmers can be confident they will receive correct payment for their milk.
  • Data is recorded automatically and digitally and is stored directly on the server.
  • The application provides direct benefits to milk producers through Cashless Payments as their bank accounts are directly linked to milk society.
  • This system provides a cost-effective way of managing data because it eliminates the need for manual monitoring and recording of bank transactions.
  • The milk societies have proved to be significant in managing the milk procurement process, therefore boosting the farmers' incomes
  • We provide an automatic milk collection system. It speeds up the process of milk collection. Farmers receive instant notifications by the automatic milk collection system whenever a payment is credited to their accounts, To keep track of their milk business, they use a dairy management system.