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The Data Processor Milk Collection Unit is fully integrated with a digital display, milk tester, weighing scale, inverter/UPS and data transfer device. It is used in milk cooperatives and dairy industries for offering efficient operation and increasing production. This unit is based on advanced technology and offers enhanced work performance. Our products are highly efficient and durable, ensuring their applications for a longer time period.

DPU (Data Processing Unit) is available in three different variants:

Improves productivity & profitability
(Micro Processor based Data Processing Unit)

Manage the system with less manpower, as it provides multitasking.

Establishes trust through transparency
(Micro Controller based Data Processing Unit)

The traceability of milk from a can to the farmer is simplified with a can-wise milk collection report.

Eliminates human error
(Android based Data Processing Unit)

By eliminating manual assessments, any possibility of human error is eliminated.