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The MilkEasy milking machine is a portable milking machine that eliminates contamination and ensures gentle milking. It has been specifically designed and developed by our company, which helps eliminate the contamination that usually happens in the traditional milking process, thereby achieving the minimum bacterial count. Moreover, the machine ensures gentle milking, which avoids any risk of injury to the animal.

Designed to ensure the comfort and cleanliness of animals

The Milking Machine ensures the comfort, safety and hygiene of each animal, with little disruption to their daily routine. The continued use of this machine also ensures an improved quality of milk that is produced at a much faster pace than traditional milking methods.

Limits the growth of bacterias

Milkeasy milking system reduces bacteria and improves milk quality. By limiting bacterial growth, it supports a reduction in mastitis. The Milkeasy system also reduces labour time by 30%.

Much Faster than hand milking

Milking Time is Crucial to ensuring higher quality products, but time and work are lost when done by hands.


  • Milking machine user-friendly, the machine can operate automatically while ensuring the quality of milk.
  • Benefits of the Milkeasy milking machine include easy handling, high-quality and economic milking, less cow stress and over-milking and fewer labour costs.
  • Milking machines are great Milkeasy's automatic milking machines were designed to be the most comfortable use milking machine on the market.
  • The Milkeasy milking machine is the only automatic milking system on the market that can milk two cattle at the same time and in addition to having an integrated milk cooling tank.