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Dairy Tech Solutions was established in 2020 and is well known in the market as a manufacturer and supplier of milk testing machines, milk collection systems, milk monitoring systems, milk chilling solutions, farm and dairy solutions, and smart weighing scales. It is ensured that all milking products are highly durable and completely safe from leakage due to sudden damage. Among all the dairy and food industries, the best inefficient working accessories are highly sought after.


Metal is the material of choice for all milking accessories, as it is recommended by experts. There are a variety of sizes, shapes, and technical specifications for each of these products on the market. It is easy to install the spare parts of milking machines, and We are the leader & Pioneer of the Automatic Milk Collection Systems in India.


We launched this 2 years back, this stopped malfunctioning in Dairy Industry, very useful to the grassroots level grower to all societies, co-operative and MNC diaries also make use of this system. The animals are not harmed by it. Using our dairy equipment, it is possible to milk cows and buffalo. Both of these animals can be milked with our equipment. Consequently, we use the best animal mats available.

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Our Vision

We are committed to safely delivering best-in-class quality milk, milk products and services for our customers.

Our Mission

The aim is to be a leader in the machine range, supplying our customers with the best quality machines and innovative solutions that will enable them to prosper.

Our Goal

Dairy Tech helps dairy processors improve the quality, quantity, and saleability of their products.