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By developing transparent, efficient and reliable technologies for Indian dairies, we aim to ensure optimum earnings and profitability for dairy farms and for the dairy themselves. iSMART Milk analyzer offers automated services with an intuitive User Interface, providing dairy farmers with secure cloud calibration assisted through a Bluetooth enabled mobile app. Farmers can use it as a calculator to check the milkfat content and SNF of their milk on-farm directly, without having to go to a lab or wait for any results. This device works as a great decision support tool that assists owners in monitoring the growth of their herd and increases the profitability of the dairy. With this device owners can help reduce nutrient loss; hence giving fresher milk straight from the farm gate.

Transparency & fair payments to farmers

A secured calibration guarantees that milk parameters are displayed accurately and no adjustments have to be made manually as a result of manual calibration. There should be no differences in FAT/SNF readings at the dairy and Milk Collection Center so the farmer can receive optimal compensation, and the quality of milk is maintained.

Real-time information on Cloud

The historical data logs, such as FAT, SNF, self-cleaning data, calibration data, etc., are all maintained online on a cloud service that can be accessed in real-time on this milk testing machine. Analyzing the data can also provide actionable insights and help make informed business decisions.

Preventive Maintenance

Logging historical data provides valuable insight into the frequency of machine maintenance, which in turn reduces downtime costs and ensures the precision operation of the machine.


  • Milk density, milk fat, milk solids and milk solids solid content are measured with ultrasound-based milk analyzers
  • An analyzer records milk data, calibration and error logs, and cleaning logs.
  • Milk samples taken by auto sampling are usually accurate, so farmers can be confident they will receive correct payment for their milk.
  • Data is recorded automatically and digitally and is stored directly on the server.
  • Since our product is 100% indigenous, we offer service support throughout the country
  • A milk analyzer with a stainless steel/ABS body is available
  • Easily calibrate online
  • Time spent measuring 30/40 seconds varies based on the model