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India is witnessing a dairy tech revolution and Diary Tech solutions is a form of an indigenous brand that aims to make Indian milk amongst the best in the world in terms of quality. A fully indigenous brand Sumul Dairy is leading this revolution by offering cutting-edge, conventional hardware solutions that aim to transform India from a milk-deficient country to a nation where every household has access to fresh, hygienically produced white and flavored milks.

AMCS - Automatic Milk Collection System

The Milk Quality Analyzer software collects, stores and analyses the quality of milk at the time of collection. The Administrator can view the current status of all milk collection centers online and make decisions based on this information.

iSmart Milk Analyzer Milk Testing Equipment

Monitor your milk quality with the iSmart Milk. Simply attach the cup, press start and wait until the beep. This device will allow you to quantify and qualify your milk by studying its fat value, SNF, purity and density through a series of tests via a dedicated application connected to your smartphone.

Automatic Milk Tester

milk fat testing machine is a patented fully automatic milk tester machine that is superior in accuracy and speed. Perfect combination between price and quality!

Why Choose Us

We Produce the best Quality Machine

Our innovative dairy products machinery equipment ensures that milk is pure and is used by dairy farms and operators. In order to maintain a quality product throughout the entire production process, the milk needs to be stored and transported in an appropriate manner.